Sheikh Jalal Salem

Sheikh GalaI teaches Qur’an at various Qira’at at Al- Shātibi Institutes in London. He is also a teacher of Qur’an and Qira’at in Al-Azhar University (Egypt). He has an Ijaaza in the Ten Qira’at and a separate Ijazaa in the Seven Qira’at. Sheikh Galal now also gives Ijazaa in various Qira’at and Riwaayat to serious students of the Qur’an. Sheikh Galal leads taraweeh prayers each year at various mosques in the UK including Central Mosque (Birmingham) and Amanah Muath Trust (Birmingham).


Sheikh Abdirahaman Omar

Sheikh Abdirahman gained his Ijazah from Egypt and a second from the UK. He teaches regularly on Somali TV, teaching both Qur’an and Tajweed. Sheikh Abdirahman has completed his Masters Degree in Usul Al fiq-h.


Sheikh Musa Abuzaghleh

Sheikh Musa began studying the Qur’an at a young age in Jordan, He received first place in a number of Qur’an competitions throughout his childhood. He then moved on to study under various sheikhs before finally finishing his Ijazah. He has written his own syllabus of Tajweed, which he collected from a number of his teachers and books. Sheikh Musa presents shows on Islam Channel where he also teaches his syllabus of Tajweed. As well as teaching in a number of institutes, he also holds various classes in different mosques. Sheikh Musa also leads taraweeh in both the UK and abroad.


Sheikh Sadek Kasim

Sheikh Sadek is an Imam and preacher in Liverpool since 1997, he has Ejaza in Qur’an and the Ten Qura’t as well. He has been a judge for the Read & Rise competition from the very first competition. Sheikh Sadek founded (Sadd) centre for Qur’an Studies in Liverpool.


Sheikh Mahmoud Khattab

Sheikh Mahmoud graduated and gained his Ejazah from AlAzhar University he is also a staff member of the post graduate section in the faculty of Qur’anic Sciences. Sheikh Mahmoud is an Imam of Muath Trust in Birmingham and Sparkbrook Mosque.


Sheikh Shakir Hussain

Sheikh Shakir Hussain was born and raised in The United Arab Emirates. He studied Shariah knowledge in United Arab Emirates and was also an Imam. He completed memorisation of the Qur’an with Tajweed in Jamia Binoria Karachi. He has 10 years experience teaching the Qur’an to students and is currently the Imam at Birmingham Jame Masjid (former Saddam Hussain mosque) in addition to a Hifz teacher at Eden Foundation, Birmingham.